Derby Street Massage facebook
Derby Street Massage facebook
Training and Support
Training and Support
Website Design

New & Redesign

  1. Choose from over 500 designer-made templates from

  2. Define pages and apps (events, bookings, blogs, on-line store)

  3. We will add your photos or you can pick from 1000's of free available on

  4. We will add your supplied copy for each page

  5. Approve the color and design Scheme

  6. Approve final pages

  7. Move to existing or create and register a custom domain.

  8. Training for hand-off or have us maintain for you!

WiX Platform Features

  • Blog

  • Accept Payments

  • Online Store

  • Bookings

  • Events

  • Invoices

  • Maintain Contacts / Customers

  • Email

  • Social Media Posts

  • Edit Mobile Site View

  • SEO

Social Media &
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Templates can be designed with your branding for you to use for email campaigns, once you establish customer contacts on  You will be able to edit and reuse or have us do them for you.  WiX allows 5 campaigns per month, but if you need more it is easy to upgrade.

Event or bookings emails can be customized to include cancellation policies, contact information or any other information you wish to communicate to your customers.

Most existing contacts can be imported to use with WiX and forms will be available for new customer sign-up.

Social Media Design & Integration

Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts can be designed with your branding.  WiX also has functionality to create eye-catching posts from within integrated sites.

Training & Support


With every website build or redesign, we meet online with customers to train them  on the new features of their upgraded website.  A during a one-hour overview session, we will show you how to edit pages, access apps and maintain customer contacts.

If more features, such as a blog, bookings and events are installed, we will offer training on navigating the installed apps.

Also available is group training on advanced features, such as private pages, online stores.


Support agreements are available upon request.